California SR-41 Driving Conditions
California Road and Traffic Cams
Sr-41 At Rte 198 MP 91.75
Sr-41 At Rte 99 Ic MP 123.71
Sr-41 At Tulare Ave MP 125.53
Sr-41 Jno Sr 180 MP 126.48
Sr-41 At Mckinley Ave MP 127.22
Sr-41 At Shields Ave MP 128.41
Sr-41 At Ashlan Ave MP 129.22
Sr-41 At Shaw Ave MP 130.21
Sr-41 At Bullard Ave MP 131.21
Sr-41 At Herndon Ave MP 132.24
Sr-41 At Friant Ave MP 133.47
Sr-41 At Ave 9 MP 135.31
Sr-41 At Valley Childrens Blvd MP 136.15
Sr-41 At Rte 49 MP 170.45
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