Finger Lakes Rochester Area Cams 1
New York Road and Traffic Cams
Hudson Ave at Norton St
Clifford Ave at Hudson Ave
Long Pond Rd at Ridgeway Ave
Clinton Ave at Court St
Dewey Ave at Driving Park Ave
Goodman St at Norton St
Long Pond Rd at Mill Rd & Vintage Ln
Dewey Ave at Stone Rd
East Ridge Rd at Seneca Ave
Goodman St at Clinton Ave / Henrietta St
Culver Rd at Clifford Ave/Empire Blvd
Clinton Ave at Norton St
Hylan Dr at Mktplc Ctr/Wegmans
Winton Rd at Atlantic Ave
East Ridge Rd at Hudson Ave
Portland Ave at 104
Main St at Clinton Ave -2
Mt Hope Ave at Westfall Rd – 2
Clinton Ave at Westfall Rd – 2
East Ave at Culver Rd
Main St at Culver Rd
Culver Rd at Norton St
Ridgeway Ave at Mt Read Blvd
East Henrietta Rd at South Ave
Broad St at Allen St
Lake Ave at Stonewood Ave
South Ave at Elmwood Ave
Dewey Ave at Ridgeway Ave
Culver Rd at Norris St / Hisdale St
Mt Hope Ave at Westfall Rd
Dewey Ave at Emerson St
Main St at University / Inner Loop
North Plymouth Ave at Morrie Silver Way
West Ridge Rd and Harvest
North Chestnut St at Andrews St & University Ave
West Main St at South Plymouth Ave
Winton Rd at Westfall Rd
Hylan Dr at 390 Southbound
West Main St at State St/Exchange St
Exchange Blvd at Court St
Ford St at Exchange Blvd
Winton Rd at Canal Bridge – 2
Main St & St Paul/South
Main St at Clinton Ave
South Ave at Byron/Mt. Hope
Main St at Broad/Ford
Calkins Rd at Hylan Dr
Elmwood Ave at Scottsville Rd/Genesee St -2
South Ave at Court St – 2
Winton Rd at Canal Bridge
Lake Ave at LOSP
O Rourke Bridge E
O Rourke Bridge W
South Ave at Elmwood Ave CAM 2
Broad St at Chestnut St
St. Paul St at Inner Loop
Monroe Ave at I-490
St. Paul St at Pleasant St
Goodman St at Clifford Ave
Goodman St at East Ave
Goodman St at University Ave
Main St at Goodman St
Monroe Ave at Highland Ave
Elmwood at Kendrick
Genesee St at Brooks Ave
Winton Rd at East Ave
East Ridge Rd at Goodman St/Kings Hwy
East Ridge Rd at Carter/Stanton Ln
East Ridge Rd at Culver Rd
Lake Ave at River St
Lake Ave at Portside Dr
Lake Ave at Beach Ave
Clinton Ave at Upper Falls Blvd
Winton Rd at I-490
Clinton Ave at Westfall Rd
Mt Hope Ave at Elmwood Ave
Main St at Brown St/Genesee St
Titus Ave at Cooper Rd
Mt Read Blvd at Vintage Ln/Dorsey Rd
Portand Ave at Norton St
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