New York City Road Cams 1/6
New York Road and Traffic Cams
11 Avenue @ 34 Street
11 Avenue @ 42 Street
12 Avenue @ 14 Street
12 Avenue @ 22 Street
12 Avenue @ 34 Street
12 Avenue @ 42 Street
12 Avenue @ 57 Street
Belt Parkway @ Cross Island Split
Cross Island Parkway @ 14 Avenue
Cross Island Parkway @ Bayside Marina
Cross Island Parkway @ Throgs Neck Bridge
Cross Island Parkway @ Union Turnpike
Belt Parkway @ 130 Street
Belt Parkway @ 158 Street
Belt Parkway @ 68 Street
Belt Parkway @ Bay 8th Street
Belt Parkway @ Brookville Blvd
Belt Parkway @ Erskine Avenue
Belt Parkway @ Flatbush Avenue
Belt Parkway @ Gr Brewer Blvd
Belt Parkway @ Ocean Parkway
Belt Parkway @ Pennsylvania Avenue
Belt Parkway @ Springfield Blvd
Broadway @ 125 Street
Broadway @ 169 Street
Broadway @ 42 Street
Broadway @ 51 Street
Broadway @ 96 Street
Broadway @ Vesey Street
Fordham Road @ Grand Concourse
Fordham Road @ Hughes Avenue
907H Southbound East 174th Street
Bronx River Parkway at Gun Hill Road
Bronx River Parkway at Pelham Parkway
Bronx River Parkway at Mace Avenue
Bronx River Parkway at Boston Road Road
Brooklyn Bridge – Ped Walkway
Brooklyn Bridge @ Centre Street
Sands Street @ Brooklyn Bridge Entrance
I-278 at Middagh Street/Lwr. Lvl.
I-278 at Adams Street
I-278 at Sands Street
I-278 at Navy Street
I-278 at Kent Avenue
I-278 at Wythe Avenue
I-278 at Lee Avenue
I-278 at Division Avenue
I-278 at South 5th Street
I-278 at Northern Blvd.
I-278 at 31st Avenue
I-278 at 30th Avenue
I-278 at 49th Street
I-278 at G.C.P./Connector at 31st Avenue
I-278 at Connector to G.C.P./Astoria Blvd.
I-278 at Hamilton Avenue
I-278 at Union Street/Wall
I-278 at Grand Street/Overpass
I-278 at Metropolitan Avenue
I-278 at Manhattan Avenue
I-278 at Morgan Avenue
I-278 at Stewart Avenue
I-278 at Sackett Street
I-278 at Congress Street
I-278 at Atlantic Avenue
I-278 at State Street/Uppr Lvl.
I-278 at State Street/Lwr Lvl.
I-278 at Furman Street/Uppr. Lvl.
I-278 at Furman Street/Lwr. Lvl.
I-278 at Middagh Street/Uppr Lvl.
I-278 at 54th Avenue
I-278 at ramp to I-495
I-278 at 45th Street
I-278 at 61st Street
I-278 at Broadway
I-278 at 56th Road
I-278 at 41 ave
BQE @ Broadway
I-278 at Tiffany St
I-278 at 144 St
I-278 at East 149th Street
I-278 at Hunts Point Avenue
I-278 at Bronx River Parkway
I-278 at Castle Hill Avenue
I-278 at Cross Brx. Expwy / Hutchinson Interchange
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