Long Island Area Cams 4
New York Road and Traffic Cams
NSP at Exit 29A (Westbound LIE Connector)
NSP at I.U. Willets Rd Exit 30 (Median Cam)
NSP at Hillside Ave (Median Cam)
NSP at Glen Cove Rd / NY 25
NSP at Carle Rd
NSP West of Post Ave
NSP at Post Ave
NSP 500 ft East of Powells Ln
OP Westbound East of the Circle
OP Eastbound West of the Circle
SAG North of I-495 at Exit S1
SAG South of I-495 at Exit S2
SAG at Exit S2 (Crooked Hill Rd)
SAG Exits S2(Crooked Hill Rd) to S3(Pine Aire Dr)
SAG at Exit S3(Pine Aire Dr)
SAG Center Median from SSP to S3 (Pine Aire Dr)
SSP at Exit 20 – Grand Ave.
SSP between Exits 20(Grand Ave.) and Exit 21(Nassau Rd.)
SSP between Exit 21 (Nassau Rd.) and Exit 22 (MSP)
SSP between Exit 22 (MSP) and Exit 21 (Nassau Rd)
SSP at Exit 22 (MSP)
SSP at Exit 24 (Merrick Ave)
SSP between Exit 24(Merrick Ave) and Exit 25 (NY 106)
SSP West of Exit 25 – NY 106
SSP East of Exit 25 – NY 106
SSP East of Exit 25 N/S – NY 106
SSP at Exit 40 (RMC) to Exit 41 (Bayshore Rd)
SSP at Exit 40S (RMC) to Exit 41 (Bayshore Rd)
SSP Center Median at Exit 41A (SAG and HSP)
SSP near Exit 17
SSP at the Cross Island Pkwy
SSP between the WSP North and South Exits
SSP West of Exit 28 – Wantagh Ave
SSP East of Exit 28 – Wantagh Ave
SSP at Exit 29 – NY 107
SSP Between Exit 29 and Exit 30
SSP just East of Exit 30 – Broadway
SSP just East of Bethpage State Pkwy – Exit 31
SSP midway between Carmans Rd and Exit 31
SSP at Carmans Rd
SSP at Exit 32 – Route 110
SSP between Exits 12 and 13
SSP at Exit 13 – Central Ave.
SSP at Exit 14 – North Fletcher Ave.
SSP at Exit 15
SSP between Exits 17 and 16
SSP at Exit 17 N/S Hempstead Ave.
SSP between Exits 18 and 17
SSP at Exit 18 – Eagle Ave / Hempstead Lake State Park
SSP at Exit 19
SSP East of Exit 19 – North Village Ave.
SSP at Exit 33 (NY 109
SSP Exits 34-33 (NY 109)
SSP at Exit 36 (Straight Path)
SSP between Exit 37 (Belmont Ave) and Exit 36 (Straight Path)
SSP at Exit 37 (Belmont Ave)
SSP at Exit 38 (Belmont S.P.) to Exit 39(Deer Park Ave)
SSP at Exit 39 (Deer Park Ave) N/S
SSP at Exit 40 (RMC) to Exit 39(Deer Park Ave)
WSP Exits W02-W01 at Prospect Ave.
WSP Exits W02-W03 at Stewart Ave.
WSP Exits W02-W03 at Salisbury Park Drive
WSP Exits W03-W04 at North Jerusalem Road
WSP Exits W05-W04 at Jerusalem Road
WSP Exits W05-W04 South of the Pedestrian Bridge
WSP at Old Country Road ( Exit W2 )
WSP Exits W04-W05 at Park Ave
WSP Exits W07-W06 at Merrick Road
WSP Southbound Goose Creek Bridge
WSP Southbound Sloop Channel Bridge
WSP Southbound North of the Circle
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