California SR-67 Driving Conditions
California Road and Traffic Cams
(C121) SR-67 : Bradley Avenue MP 1.126
(C122) SR-67 : Just South Of SR-52 MP 1.85
(C128) SR-67 : Just North Of SR-52 MP 2.331
(C225) NB 67: Winter Gardens MP 4.806
(C224) SB 67: Winter Garden OC MP 4.83
(C226) NB 67: Scripps Poway Bottom MP 13.017
(C227) NB 67: Scripps Poway Top MP 13.017
(C228) NB 67: Just North of Iron Mtn_Bottom MP 13.97
(C 229) NB 67: Just North of Iron Mtn_Top MP 13.974
(C231) SR-67: Poway Rd_Top MP 14.656
(C230) SR-67: Poway Rd_Bottom MP 14.656
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