New York City Road Cams 6/6
New York Road and Traffic Cams
I-278 at Richmond Avenue
I-278 at SIE/MLK Interchange
I-278 at Victory Blvd.
I-278 at Crafton Avenue
I-278 at Woolley Avenue
I-278 at Bradley Avenue
I-278 at Renwick Avenue
I-278 at Clove Road
I-278 at Hylan Blvd
I-278 at Mosel Avenue
I-278 at Forest Avenue
I-278 at West Shore Expwy/ Interchange
I-278 at West of South Avenue
I-278 at Lambert Street
I-278 at Fingerboard Road
I-278 at Manor Road
I-278 at Slosson Ave
I-695 at Otis Avenue
I-695 at Randall Avenue
I-678 at Jewel Avenue
I-678 at Alwick Road
I-678 at Rockaway Bvd
I-678 at Foch Blvd. Northbound
I-678 at Foch Blvd. Southbound
I-678 at Btwn. 115th Ave. & 116th Ave.
I-678 at 111th Avenue
I-678 at 109th Avenue
I-678 at 107th Avenue
I-678 at 101st Avenue Northbound
I-678 at 101st Avenue Southbound
I-678 at Atlantic Avenue
I-678 at 91st Avenue
I-678 at Hillside Avenue
I-678 at 87th Avenue
I-678 at Main Street
I-678 at North Conduit Ave.
I-678 @ South Conduit Ave./Lower
I-678 at 133rd Avenue Northbound
I-678 at 133rd Avenue Southbound
I-678 at 73rd Terrace
I-678 at 67th Road
I-678 at LIE
I-678 at College Point Blvd.
I-678 at Avery Avenue
I-678 at Queens Blvd./Entrance ramp
I-678 at Queens Blvd./Entrance ramp
I-678 at Grand Central Pkwy/Interchange
I-678 at Grand Central Pkwy/Interchange
I-678 at 82 Ave
Water Street @ Fulton Street
Water Street @ Wall Street
NY440 at Englewood Avenue
NY440 at Woodrow Road
NY440 at Bloomingdale Road
NY440 at Rossville Avenue
NY440 at Arden Avenue
NY440 at Muldoon Avenue
NY440 at Fresh Kills Creek
NY440 at South Avenue
NY440 at Edward Curry Avenue
NY440 at Bloomfield Avenue
West Street @ Canal Street
West Street @ Clarkson
West Street @ The Intrepid (43 Street)
West Street @ West Houston Street
West St at West Houston St.
West Street at W. 34 St
West Street at W. 42 St
West Street at W. 23 St
West Street at W. 14 St
West Street at Vestry St
West Street median/at Spring St
West Street at Chambers St
I-678/WE at Astoria Connector
I-678/WE at 126 St
I-678 at 25th road
I-678 at 14th Avenue
I-678 at Linden Place
I-678 at 7 ave
WBB-1 @ Brooklyn Plaza
WBB-14 @ North Inner Roadway Brooklyn Kent Avenue
WBB-6 @ Delancy-Clinton
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