Tennessee I-40 Driving Conditions
Tennessee Road and Traffic Cams
I-40 EB e/o Elm Hill Pike (MM 212.48) (R3-001_
I-40 EB @ Fesslers Lane (MM 211.92) (R3_002)
I-40 EB w/o Fesslers Lane (MM 211.20) (R3_003)
I-40 WB @ White Bridge Road (MM 203.95) (R3_051)
I-40 WB e/o Charlotte Pike (MM 201.59) (R3_052)
I-40 EB w/o Spence Lane (MM 213.70) (R3_057)
I-40 WB @ I-24 Junction (R3_058)
I-40 WB w/o Stewarts Ferry Pike (MM 218.50) (R3_059)
I-40 EB w/o Charlotte Pike (MM 200.80) (R3_101)
I-40 EB w/o American Road (MM 202.01) (R3_102)
I-40 WB @ American Road (MM 202.97) (R3_103)
I-40 WB @ Briley Parkway (MM 204.02) (R3_105)
I-40 EB w /o Briley Parkway (Hermitage) (MM 215.90) (R3_106)
I-40 WB w/o Donelson Pike (MM 216.36) (R3_107)
I-40 WB @ Donelson Pike (MM 216.94) (R3_108)
I-40 EB e/o Donelson Pike (MM 217.72) (R3_109)
I-40 WB @ Stewarts Ferry Pike (MM 219.34) (R3_110)
I-40 @ SR 840 JCT (R3_202)
I-40 e/o SR 840 (R3_301)
I-40 @ SR 840 (R3_302)
I-40 EB w/o WH BRDG (MM 203.4) (R3_104)
I-40 WB @ Briley Parkway (MM 215.15) (R3_062)
I-40 WB w/o Central Pike (MM 220.32) (R3_111)
I-40 WB @ Central Pike (MM 220.94) (R3_112)
I-40 WB @ Old Hickory Boulevard (Hermitage) (MM 221.22) (R3_113)
I-40 WB @ New Hope Road (MM 222.14) (R3_114)
I-40 WB @ Wilson County Line (MM 223.09) (R3_115)
I-40 EB w/o 2nd/4th Avenue (MM 210.26) (R3_024)
I-40 EB e/o Broadway (MM 209.31) (R3_026)
I-40 EB w/o Church Street (MM 208.76) (R3_027)
I-40 EB West of Charlotte Avenue (MM 208.17) (R3_028)
I-40 WB w/o Jefferson Street (MM 206.93) (R3_030)
I-40 EB @ 46th Avenue (MM 205.00) (R3_074)
I-40 WB @ 28th Avenue (MM 206.60) (R3_075)
I-40 EB @ Arlington Overpass (MM 212.79) (R3_080)
I-40 WB @ Bellevue (MM 196.36) (R3_096)
I-40 EB e/o Bellevue (MM 197.45) (R3_097)
I-40 WB w/o Sawyer Brown (MM 197.88) (R3_098)
I-40 WB w/o Old Hickory Boulevard (Bellevue) (MM 198.82) (R3_099)
I-40 EB e/o Old Hickory Boulevard (Bellevue) (MM 199.84) (R3-100)
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