Tennessee I-24 Driving Conditions
Tennessee Road and Traffic Cams
I-24 EB to I-40 WB e/o Silliman Evans Bridge (MM 49.50) (R3_004)
I-24 WB w/o Silliman Evans Bridge (MM 49.03) (R3_005)
I-24 WB @ Ellington Parkway (MM 48.17) (R3-006)
I-24 WB w/o Ellington Parkway (MM 47.54) (R3_007)
I-24 WB e/o I-65 Junction (MM 47.20) (R3_008)
I-24 WB @ Harding Place (MM 55.32) (R3_055)
I-24 EB @ I-440 Junction (R3_056)
I-24 e/o Waldron Rd (MM65.2) (R3_175)
I-24 @ Sam Ridley (MM66.4) (R3_176)
I-24 @ Sam Ridley (MM66.8) (R3_177)
I-24 @ Rocky Fork Rd (MM67.2) (R3_178)
I-24 @ Lee Victory Rd (MM68.8) (R3_179)
I-24 @ Almaville Rd (MM70.2) (R3_180)
I-24 w/o Baker Rd (MM70.8) (R3_181)
I-24 e/o Baker Rd (MM71) (R3_182)
I-24 w/o SR 840 (MM73.4) (R3_183)
I-24 @ SR 840 (MM74.2) (R3_184)
I-24 @ Fortress Blvd (MM76) (R3_185)
I-24 e/o Highway 96 (MM77.4) (R3_186)
I-24 @ Highway 96 (MM78) (R3_187)
I-24 @ Salem Pike (MM80) (R3_188)
I-24 @ Shelbyville Hwy (MM81) (R3_189)
I-24 w/o Joe B Jackson (MM82.8) (R3_190)
I-24 @ Joe Jackson (MM84) (R3_191)
I-24 w/o Elam Rd (MM85) (R3_192)
I-24 WB w/o Briley (MM 42.2) (R3_150)
I-24 EB @ Briley Parkway – (Antioch) (MM 53.75) (R3_081)
I-24 WB w/o Harding Place (MM 57.70) (R3_089)
I-24 EB e/o Harding Place (MM 56.43) (R3_090)
I-24 EB w/o I-65 Junction (MM 34.49) (R3_041)
I-24 EB @ Briley Parkway (West) (MM 35.00) (R3_042)
I-24 WB @ Shelby (MM 48.64) (R3_045)
I-24 EB w/o Briley Parkway (West) (MM 36.21) (R3_048)
I-24 EB @ Haywood Lane (MM 57.06) (R3_091)
I-24 WB e/o Haywood Lane (MM 58.04) (R3_092)
I-24 EB w/o Bell Road (MM 58.69) (R3_093)
I-24 WB @ Hickory Hollow Parkway (MM 60.13) (R3_094)
I-24 WB e/o Hickory Hollow Parkway (MM 60.84) (R3_095)
I-24 WB e/o Old Hickory Boulevard (Antioch) (MM 63.58) (R3_147)
I-24 EB w/o Old Hickory Boulevard (North) (MM 39.25) (R3_148)
I-24 (MM 61.8) (R3_172)
I-24 (MM 62.6) (R3_173)
I-24 (MM 64.4) (R3_174)
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