New York City Road Cams 2/6
New York Road and Traffic Cams
I-278 at Whittier St
I-95 at Middletown Road
I-95 at Buhre Avenue/Pedestrian Bridge
I-95 at Quincy Ave
I-95 at Waterbury Avenue
I-95 at Lasalle Avenue
CIP at Northern Blvd.
CIP South of West Alley Rd.
I-295 at Union Turnpike
I-295 at 64th Avenue
I-95 at Amsterdam Avenue
I-95 at Undercliff Avenue
I-95 at Nelson Avenue
I-95 at Macombs Road
I-95 at Walton Avenue
I-95 Weeks Avenue
I-95 at Clay Avenue
I-95 at Arthur Avenue
I-95 at Marmion Avenue
I-95 at Bronx River Parkway
I-95 at Wood Avenue
I-95 at Ellis Avenue
I-95 at Castle Hill Avenue
I-95 at Hutchinson River Parkway
I-295 at Lafayette Avenue
I-295 at East Tremont Avenue
I-295 at Pennyfield Avenue
NY440 at Watchogue Road
NY440 at Forest Avenue
NY440 at Walker Street / Bayonne Br.
FDR Drive @ 111 Street
FDR Drive @ 23 Street
FDR Drive @ 3 Avenue
FDR Drive @ 38 Street
FDR Drive @ 48 Street
FDR Drive @ 79 Street
FDR Drive @ 90 Street
FDR Drive @ 96 Street
FDR Drive @ Brooklyn Bridge Exit SB
FDR Drive @ Brooklyn Bridge NB
FDR Drive @ E 53 Street
FDR Drive @ E 6 Street
FDR Drive @ Grand Street
FDR Drive @ Jackson Street
FDR Drive @ Old Slip
Grand Central Pkwy at Clearview Expwy (I-295) Northbound Exit
Grand Central Pkwy at Cross Island Pkwy
I-278 at 92nd Street
I-278 at Ft. Hamilton Pkwy
I-278 at 79th Street
I-278 at 72nd Street
I-278 at Between 6th 7th Avenue
I-278 at 54th Street
I-278 at 37th street
I-278 at 26th Street
I-278 at Coles St
I-278 at NY27
I-278 at Gowanus Canal
I-278 at 15 Street
Grand Army Plaza
GCP @ 166 Street
GCP @ 214 Street
GCP @ 31 Street (Triboro Bridge)
GCP @ LaGuardia 94 Street Exit
GCP Astoria N SR @ 49 Street
907M at 27th Avenue
907M at Ditmars Blvd
907M at Roosevelt Avenue
907M at 55th Avenue
907M at 64th Avenue
907M at 69th Road
907M at 72nd Road
907 at 76 Road
907M at 94 Street
907M at JRP
907M at Union Turnpike
907M ramp to Queens Blvd
907M at I-678/VWE
E/B 907M at JRP
Grand Street @ Allen Street
Grand Street @ Broadway
Grand Street @ Essex Street
Harlem River Drive at 127 Street
Harlem River Drive at 150 Street
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