New York City Road Cams 3/6
New York Road and Traffic Cams
Harlem River Drive at 164 Street
Harlem River Drive at 135 Street
Harlem River Drive at 130 Street
Henry Hudson Pkwy at W. 138 Street
Henry Hudson Pkwy at W. 145 Street
Henry Hudson Parkway @ 70 Street
Henry Hudson Parkway @ 96 Street
Henry Hudson Parkway @ 137 Street
Henry Hudson Parkway @ 158 Street
Henry Hudson Parkway @ 232 Street
Henry Hudson Pkwy at W. 150 St
Henry Hudson Pkwy at W. 173 St
Henry Hudson Pkwy at W. 66 Street
Henry Hudson Pkwy at La Salle Street
Henry Hudson Pkwy at W. 163 Street
Henry Hudson Pkwy at W. 119 Street
Henry Hudson Pkwy at W. 177 Street
Holland Tunnel
908A at Waterbury Avenue
908A at Wilkenson Avenue
908A at Brx. Pelham Pkwy
908A at New England Thruway/Overpass
908A at Bartow Avenue
I-678 at Senger Place
I-678 at Lafayette Avenue
I-678 at Bruckner Blvd./Entrance ramp
295 Just South of VMS66
Clearview Expressway @ 35 Street
Clearview Expressway @ Northern Blvd
Long Island Expressway @ Kissena Blvd
Long Island Expressway @ Marathon Parkway
I-495 at Kissena Blvd
I-495 at Utopia Pkwy
I-495 at East Hampton Blvd Pedestrian Br
I-495 at Cross Island Pkwy.
I-495 West of Marathon Pkwy
I-495 at Little Neck Pkwy
New England Thruway @ Bartow Avenue
New England Thruway @ Conner Street
Adam Street @ Tillary Street
Atlantic Avenue @ Boerum Street
Atlantic Avenue @ BQE
Atlantic Avenue @ Vanderbilt Avenue
Flatbush Avenue @ 4 Avenue
Flatbush Avenue @ 6 Avenue
Flatbush Avenue @ Atlantic Avenue
Flatbush Avenue @ Fulton Street
Flatbush Avenue @ Willoughby
Prospect Parkway @ 3 Avenue
Sands Street @ BQE Entrance
909C at Tyrellan Avenue
909C Bloomingdale Road
I-495 at ramp to W/B BQE
I-495 at ramp to Westbound BQE
I-495 at ramp from Eastbound BQE
I-495 at 48th Street/Upper Level
I-495 at 48th Street/Lower Level
I-495 at 58th Street/Lower Level
I-495 at 60th Street
I-495 at Grand Avenue
I-495 at 75th Street
I-495 at 84th Street
I-495 at Queens Blvd
I-495 at 99th Street
I-495 at Grand Central Parkway
I-495 at 138th Street
I-495 at Lawrence Street
I-495 at 146th Street
I-495 at Kissena Blvd
I-495 at 163rd Street
I-495 at 172nd Street
I-495 at 185th Street
I-495 at Queens Midtown Tunnel
I-495 at 27th Street
I-495 at Greenpoint Avenue
I-495 at Underhill Avenue
I-495 at Francis Lewis Blvd.
I-495 at 220th Street
I-495 at 254th Street
I-495 at 48 St (Upper Level)
I-495 at 50 St (Lower Level)
I-495 at Cross Island Parkway
I-495 at I-295/CVE
I-495 at Bell Blvd
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